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Paul Boogaard, Esq. : Account Executive

Paul Boogaard, Esq.

Account Executive

FMG is excited to have Paul Boogaard as a member of its management team. Prior to joining FMG, Paul was a practicing attorney for over 18 years at a law firm in Sleepy Hollow which represented municipalities, condominiums and cooperatives in addition to private clients. Paul's work experience as an attorney included a wide array of issues including village and town zoning regulations, guardianships, tax certiorari matters and contracts. During this time, he served – and continues to serve - as the President of the Board of Directors of a 142-unit condominium in Northern Westchester and is actively involved in both capital improvement projects and the fiscal management of the condominium. His legal expertise as well as his long tenure as a Board President gives Paul a unique perspective on property management, and assures that all regulatory and compliance issues will be handled effectively and proactively.
Since Paul remains an active board member of the condominium where he lives, he has a comprehensive first-hand understanding of the needs and concerns of property residents and shareholders. His years of service on the board, along with his comprehensive legal experience, have earned him the respect of both colleagues and property stakeholders alike. Within his position with FMG, Paul communicates effectively with employees, contractors and vendors, forms strong interpersonal relationships, manages all aspects of property financial, regulatory and insurance related matters and, engages in proactive planning to increase value and improve quality of life for our resident clientele.
In his spare time, Paul serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America, Westchester-Putnam Council and is the father of two children. Paul looks forward to building and maintaining meaningful and productive relationships with the residents and board members of the properties we manage.

Jaclyn Tierney : Manager, Resale Department

Jaclyn Tierney

Manager, Resale Department

Jaclyn graduated from Berkeley College with a degree in Business Management and is a New York State licensed real estate agent and notary public. In 2004, Jaclyn began her career in property management in the accounts payable department, where, through her hard work and dedication, quickly earned the title of Assistant Manager. Jaclyn continued to utilize her practical approach to problem solving and comprehensive knowledge of both accounting procedures and real estate and once again, she earned a promotion to the head of the Resale Department, which she managed and operated for eight years.
Jaclyn’s extensive knowledge of all property management operations, as well as her commitment to outstanding service and desire to further her career, have led her to Ferrara Management Group, where she currently serves as the Manager of the Accounts Receivable Department. In this important role, Jaclyn oversees all of our residents’ accounts, monitors billing and payments, provides assistance to residents regarding their accounts, and works directly with attorneys to handle legal collections on unpaid accounts. Jaclyn looks forward to helping you streamline your process and is ready to fulfill all of your property’s billing needs. We are excited to have such an experienced professional as part of FMG’s management team.

Joann DiBono : Account Executive

Joann DiBono

Account Executive

As a property manager at FMG, Joann’s expertise and extensive experience in all aspects of management have made her one of our most sought-after members of our team. Prior to joining FMG in May of last year, Joann managed both properties and projects across the northeastern US for over fifteen years. Throughout her previous experience, Joann’s knowledge of project management and compliance, as well as her ability to work with regulators and property owners, have allowed her to successfully restore the economic viability and structural integrity of properties that were once failing both financially and otherwise. Her creative yet practical planning ability, along with proven results, allowed her to head a national corporation’s efforts to relocate its staff and operations to alternate facilities so that it could remain viable during Hurricane Sandy.  Over the course of her career, Joann has demonstrated the ability to listen carefully to all stakeholders and engage in meaningful, strategic dialogue to create a shared vision and implement the solutions necessary to achieve that vision.  Her ability to work with others to generate a plan to ensure stability and success is unparalleled.

Joann’s experience with crisis management, in addition to her proven track record in design, renovation, and infrastructure have given her knowledge and expertise that will assure the financial efficacy of any property she manages. Her extensive experience in managing union and non-union employees, as well as maintaining active involvement in all phases of planning, project management, and quality control, allow her to establish and maintain productive and long-term relationships with shareholders, residents, employees, and contractors alike.  Along with our management team, she will work to achieve your property’s goals with a focus on strategic planning, fiscal responsibility, compliance, and integrity, Joann will work with you to develop pragmatic solutions to even the most complex and multi-faceted problems. Her proactive, dedicated, and responsive approach will maximize efficiency while maintaining the highest quality of life for residents and shareholders alike.

Erika Taylor : Property Manager

Erika Taylor

Property Manager

Erika Taylor joins The Ferrara Management Group, Inc. as a valued team member - having an excellent professional background which has been further enhanced by her service in the United States Coast Guard.  During her time in the military, Erika published an online Rank Advancement Study Guide still in use today by our service members.  Furthermore, as a member of the Coast Guard, Erika received the Coast Guard Marksman Pistol Ribbon, the Global War Terrorism Service Medal and the National Defense Service Medal.  Following her military career, Erika spent her first seven years in the private sector as an auditing and compliance associate for a third-party administrator on behalf of over 15 health insurance clients. Erika than worked for a bankruptcy and foreclosure law firm as a Quality Assurance Assistant Manager where she delegated roles and responsibilities to her team of 6 hard-working team players. As a property manager for The Ferrara Management Group, Erika is a highly adaptable manager/team player with both excellent communication skills and strong leadership skills.    Erika’s ability to streamline her workflow while timely addressing the needs of her properties has proven to be exceedingly beneficial to  the residents of her properties. Furthermore, Erika interacts well with her vendors and consistently meets any deadline in the furtherance of any ongoing project such as capital improvements. She is a responsive/quick thinker who oversees day to day property management operations, oversees written and electronic tenant communications, requests and concerns, works closely with vendors, staff, and management, and maintains a positive outlook.  Erika exhibits the attributes necessary to successfully manage residential properties and is a valued member of the FMG Team.

Lee Schmidt : Property Manager

Lee Schmidt

Property Manager


Property Manager Lee Schmidt, comes to us with over a decade of experience in facilities and project management. As a supervisor and foreman for two major landscaping and design companies, Lee was responsible for the coordination and management of design and maintenance projects.  During his tenure at both of these corporations, Lee created and reviewed bids and proposals, prepared correspondence for clients, budgeted for and ordered all supplies and materials, and supervised staff.  This experience, along with his strong background in property maintenance and repair, make him a valuable manager with the practical knowledge and expertise to anticipate your property’s needs and design and implement proactive solutions.

With the support of FMG’s senior management team, Lee will manage many of our properties in northern Westchester County.  In this role, Lee’s unique experience and skills will allow him to address the “small things” that ultimately lead to an improved quality of life for residents and value-added amenities and improved maintenance for shareholders. His commitment and work ethic, along with a personal yet direct approach to handling any problems that arise, allow him to establish a positive and diplomatic rapport with employees and clients.  Lee is excited to work with you and our management team as we help you create a solid foundation for your property’s future.

Kathryn Deshong : Property Manager

Kathryn Deshong

Property Manager

As Property Manager for FMG, Kathryn brings years of experience of effectively managing projects and staff, and providing excellent customer service. Before joining FMG, as Senior Project Coordinator at ThyssenKrupp Access Corp., Kathryn wore many hats including managing day-to-day activities involving employees, subcontractors and project management, significantly reducing costs and diligently handling all customer complaints.

Since joining FMG, Kathryn has transitioned into a portfolio which includes cooperatives and condominiums in the lower Westchester area. She is known to work closely with the boards and staff members of each property tackling projects such as fire door replacement, asbestos removal, façade pointing, as well as roof repairs/replacements. Kathryn’s work ethic on behalf of the properties she serves has been noticed by many of the professionals in the real estate field.

Tony Martelli : Property Manager

Tony Martelli

Property Manager

Maryann Daniel : Assistant Property Manager

Maryann Daniel

Assistant Property Manager

Prior to joining FMG, MaryAnn worked in the real estate industry for over seventeen years.  As a member of the accounting team at a large property management firm, MaryAnn was responsible for all financial transactions, with a primary focus on accounts payable.  In her role, MaryAnn interacted with vendors, property managers, accountants and boards to ensure all accounts payable were processed accurately and efficiently.  For over a decade, MaryAnn has been able to utilize both her expertise in finance and accounting, as well as her strong administrative background, to work closely with cooperatives, condominiums, and homeowners’ associations.  During this time, she has not only gained valuable experience in all aspects of property operations and management, but has built successful relationships with unit owners, shareholders, employees, contractors, and vendors.

As an Assistant Property Manager at the Ferrara Management Group, Mary Ann uses her extensive experience to oversee all day to day operations for many of FMG’s properties. She is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service with a personal touch.  A visible and proactive manager, she treats all of our clients with professionalism, dedication, and respect.  MaryAnn is excited to use her vast knowledge and financial expertise to effectively resolve any issues that arise at your property.  She is committed to make your property a better place to reside, and, most importantly, to call home.

Kathrine Bragaglia : Assistant Property Manager

Kathrine Bragaglia

Assistant Property Manager

Dawn Lombardo : Comptroller

Dawn Lombardo


Dawn Lombardo serves as the Comptroller of The Ferrara Management Group, Inc, managing the department responsible for financial reporting to our clients, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll functions, budgets and forecasts. With Dawn's oversight, our team of financial associates ensure prompt and accurate reporting to meet our client’s expectations.


Dawn has over thirty years of experience in all facets of financial oversight. She collaborates with board members and our property managers to plan, develop, and present responsible operational and capital budgets as well as alternative ways to fund the property’s needs.


Dawn’s experience has included working with New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) ensuring the Mitchell-Lama regulations are followed for the property and its shareholders. Dawn handles the filing of annual affidavits and keeps current with financial reporting and ever-changing regulations.


Dawn is an Accredited Residential Manager (ARM®) issued, by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®) – an international community of real estate managers dedicated the ethical business practices and superior management.  Dawn’s dedication, reliability, knowledge and ethical standards over many years makes her a leader in our industry.

Joseph Rodriguez : Financial Administrator

Joseph Rodriguez

Financial Administrator

Joseph Rodriguez serves as financial administrator of The Ferrara Management Group, Inc, working closely with our financial department team members to ensure efficient transition of new client’s financial records, utility bill review and monitoring, payroll & union processing as well as budgeting and forecasting. He also works with our property managers ensuring timely and accurate processing of payments are made to each of our properties vendors. His responsibilities include invoice processing, communicating with vendors and applying appropriate discounts.
Joe also has an extensive back ground in project construction management and coordination. He has worked in the past for Verizon bringing his years of experience to FMG. His professionalism and organizational skills have been a true asset to our clients and firm alike.

Luis Andrade : Accounts Receivable

Luis Andrade

Accounts Receivable

Antonio “Nino” Barone : Accounts Payable

Antonio “Nino” Barone

Accounts Payable